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Urk is a former island and current municipality in the Netherlands. With 20,342 inhabitants on an area of ​​approximately 11.54 km² (and 98.36 km² of water), Urk is the smallest municipality of the Dutch province of Flevoland. Until the completion of Urk with Lemmer in 1939, Urk was an island in the IJsselmeer, the former (until the completion of the Afsluitdijk in 1932) Zuiderzee. In 1942 the Noordoostpolder became dry ground, but for the inhabitants of Urk the island feeling still lives.

Urk can be described as the most church of the Netherlands. It is a very close community. The local dialect, the Urkers, is still extremely vital and differs greatly from the other dialects in the area. Urk also has his own anthem. The Urker National Anthem is mainly sung during the annual aubad on Kings Day and other official occasions. Urk currently has by far the largest fishing fleet and fish processing industry in the Netherlands.

Around the IJsselmeer is a bow of archipelago dunes, which originated in Pleistocene: Texel, Wieringen, Gaasterland, Urk, the Land of Vollenhove. As a result of meltwater, south of the arch, a more formed, later Almere. To the north of Urk's keyless bulb flowed the Vecht in Almere. South of Urk, the IJssel flowed with her side arms. Urk's keel bulge reaches a height of 9 meters above NAP.

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