Accommodations in Kraggenburg

Kraggenburg is a village in the municipality of Noordoostpolder with about 1500 inhabitants. The village is located southeast of the main town of Emmeloord. The town of Kraggenburg derives its name from a light guard house annex toll house, now known as Old Kraggenburg. Besides historic buildings in Schokland, it belongs to the oldest building in the Noordoostpolder. The original wooden house crossed into a flying storm and was replaced in 1876/1877 by the stone house still standing.

It is expected that Kraggenburg's surroundings will increasingly become a recreational destination. Development plans of municipality and province indicate in that direction. In addition to a hotel, two group accommodations and three campsites there is also a marina. The woods offer hiking, Nordic walking, stepping, skating, cycling, photography, exploration, swimming, boating and fishing. The production forest has been transferred to the Vereniging Natuurmonumenten, which slowly makes a varied and varied forest of. On the east side, the Gift Field has been developed where great grazers do their work on rescheduled "rough grounds". More nature development projects follow the edges of the forest area. Also along the Black Water polder banks, nature development is being done. The Vogeleiland in the Black Water is a protected bird sanctuary and the banks on both sides have become important foraging areas. There is also a small housing plan of 170 houses in development west of the village.

Kraggenburg has a total of nine national monuments, including Oud Kraggenburg (Coastal and Bankmark) and Gemaal Smeenge. Kraggenburg also has another five municipal monuments; Three farms and two workers' homes.

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