Norg is an esdorp in the municipality of Noordenveld with approximately 3300 inhabitants. In the beginning of the Middle Ages, Nurch or Norche appeared in condolences. The oldest aces were dated at 650-750 AD. The nearby Norgerholt is a very old forest and presumably dates back to the 9th century. After the arrival of Christianity, Drenthe belonged to the possession of the bishop of Utrecht, who recognized the rights and obligations of the inhabitants of Drenthe for the first time under the 1412 national law.

Norg has developed into a place of fame, especially after the redeployment. In relation to the number of inhabitants there is little employment. Most inhabitants work in larger places in the area such as Roden, Assen, Groningen or Drachten.

The most important monument in Norg is the roman-style St. Margaret church built in the middle of the 13th century with a saddle tower. This, now Protestant church, was devoted to the martyr Margaretha of Antioch. The water tank and the font of the church date from before the construction, respectively, from the middle of the 12th century and the beginning of the 13th century. A churchyard was used to be around the church. This graveyard is still there, although the sacks have been removed.

In Norway there are two old windmills. The one called Northfield is a grain mill that has existed since 1878. Close to this mill, a three-storey apartment complex was built in 2004, which caused the windmill to wind out and caused some controversy in the village. The other mill in the village is the De Hoop mill which is the only mill in the Netherlands equipped with Bilauwieken.


Holiday Farmhouse Norg

Drenthe, Norg
  • Wood-fired Hot Tub and Sauna
  • Covered kids playground in the haystack
  • Rooms with private shower and toilet

Vakantiehuis Norg

Drenthe, Norg
  • Sprookjes huis
  • Middenin het bos
  • Veel ruimte