Group accommodations in Germany

Accommodations in Germany

  • Relaxing and active holiday in Germany
  • 12 to 40 people
  • Pet friendly and accessible for disabled people
  • Sauerland en Eifel

It is worth while to visit our neighbors sometime. For a city visit or the endless tranquility of the countryside, Germany is more charming than you would think!

The large cities are filled to the brim with art and culture, and outside of that our holiday homes make for an enjoyable stay. You could even bring your bicycle, and hikers will be in their element. Germany has plenty of possibilities for a vacation in each season. Besides, it's very nearby for a short trip.

Culinary speaking, there is a lot to be seen and tasted. The German kitchen is more varied than just bratwurst and schnitzels, even though these are the favorites of many of our guests!



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Group accommodation Germany

Would you like to spend a weekend with family or friends in one of the neighboring countries of Netherlands? Then a group accommodation in Germany is a nice idea. The distance is easy to bridge and yet you can still enjoy that feeling of being abroad during your midweek or weekend getaway. In our selection of group accommodations in Germany, you can find holiday homes in all shapes and sizes, for every kind of company. The group homes can also be booked all year round, so a summer holiday at the North Sea or the Baltic Sea, or a skiing holiday in Sauerland or Winterberg is certainly possible.

Those looking for large holiday homes in Germany can choose from holiday homes for 12 to 40 people. In our selection, you will find characteristic half-timbered houses and modern houses in picturesque cities, luxurious group houses in the countryside, and cozy family homes tucked away in the woods or between mountains. Some group accommodations are pet friendly, and there are also homes available with special facilities for disabled people and seniors.

Large holiday homes in Germany

Each large holiday home in Germany in our wide selection has unique characteristics. For example, there is a family house with a sauna available, great for relaxing after skiing. Or stay overnight in a beautiful country house close to beautiful castles and charming villages with Christmas markets. Book a holiday home with a private heated swimming pool in the garden. Perhaps a country house in the Eifel with a sauna, jacuzzi, and outdoor pool is the right fit for your group? There is something for everyone.

What often makes the group accommodations in Germany unique is their location. They are located in or close to nature, just a short distance from culturally rich cities, beautiful landscapes, ski runs, and mountain bike trails. Anyone who wants to enjoy a versatile holiday is in the right place here. You can enjoy both relaxed and active holidays in Germany. And another advantage: many large holiday homes in Germany are pet friendly. This means that you can bring your four-legged friend along and enjoy your holiday home with dog together.


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