Group accommodations with multiple cottages or apartments

Are you travelling for a week(s) and still want some peace and quiet? Because as nice as it is to go away together, you might also want to be alone for a moment! Choose group accommodation with several houses or flats. This way you can be together but also have your own space. We have selected several large holiday homes for you where this is possible. All group accommodations with several houses or flats have a common room where you can play together or just be together and do other activities. Take a look at the offer ⬇️


Large holiday homes with several cottages

Are you looking for a nice group accommodation with several houses or flats, a special group accommodation or a nice holiday home? We have collected the very nicest group accommodations for you.
Choose a group accommodation to enjoy a wonderful holiday together. A group home  is ideal when you are looking for a stay for a cosy family weekend, an outing with your friends, colleagues or sports club. A group holiday is often all about conviviality, but sometimes you just need a bit of privacy. Then bedrooms with private sanitary facilities offer the ideal solution. Long queues for the shower are a thing of the past. An extra plus point is of course when a group accommodation has play facilities for young and old, so no one gets bored.

Separate holiday homes with shared space

It is not always easy to find a suitable holiday home for such a large group. Enjoy cosiness and privacy at the same time. Have fun with the whole family playing games in the common room and in the evening enjoy optimal peace and quiet in your bedroom with its own bathroom. A separate bathroom in each bedroom is nice. So you don’t have to queue for the shower in the morning and you benefit from plenty of privacy. For a family holiday with children, play facilities are a nice addition and an enclosed garden provides extra safety.

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