Group accommodations for young people

  • Specially selected for young people
  • Many facilities
  • As of 10 people

Are you going away for a weekend with your group of friends and looking for a suitable group accommodation for young people? Then you have a wide choice of group accommodations for young people and students at Unfortunately, finding a suitable vacation home is not always easy. Landlords often require an increased deposit or prefer not to host the group. To help you, in this overview you will find all group accommodations for young people where you are welcome. Experience a crazy weekend with the whole group!

Large vacation homes for youth groups

Of course, it is important to have enough facilities in the group accommodation to make the youth weekend complete. Many of our large vacation homes for young people have a large field where you can organize various activities such as a pentathlon or a water course! There is also a large living area where you can have a drink together. Sometimes there are even a bar present and a fire pit. What a party! Our youth vacation rentals are often located in a quiet area, so your group won’t be as likely to annoy others if the volume knob is turned up a little too high.

Tips for a nice stay

When you yourself are looking for a group accommodation for young people, you can already pay attention to a few things. If no youth group or student group is indicated under type of group, the landlord will not want to host you. Therefore, there is no point in submitting the application. So check this in advance. With our selection on this page, you are always welcome!

In consultation with the landlord of the group accommodation, it is possible to make good arrangements after which he will gladly receive the youth group. In your application, describe your group and tell honestly what the objective of the weekend is. Try to be as open as possible. Then the homeowner can then indicate whether he/she thinks the accommodation is suitable for your vacation with a youth group. When the stay is over, you can ask the landlord to write a review about your group. That might make booking the next group accommodation for your youth group a lot easier. Of course the landlord likes it when you do the same!

We are confident that finding your group accommodation should be totally fine with these tips. Still not quite getting there or can we help you with something? If so, please fill out the form below. We are happy to help you find a suitable vacation home for your youth weekend.

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