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Do you want to rent a holiday farm? You can find the most suitable holiday farm here. In the province, city and surroundings of your choice. With a well-kept interior and with just the right number of bedrooms, the amount of space and modern facilities. Perfect as a base for your association, class or other group with which you are out. Fill in your specific wishes for a clearly sorted offer. Do this now, and you will immediately find your ideal holiday farm.

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All farm stays in the Netherlands

It is no exaggeration to say that you will find almost all holiday farms in the Netherlands on To find all these holiday farms on the internet and then compare them would have been quite a job in the past, but thanks to this website you can immediately see all the photos, specifications and reviews next to each other. This way you will quickly notice which holiday farm or camping farm is perfect for you.

Top rated farm stays

The best farm stays can be found in this huge selection. Many previous tenants have reviewed them, resulting in more than 10,000 ratings . The lowest grade was an 8, so that bodes well for the comfort, convenience and success of your stay in one of these holiday farms. Just read the reviews, and you will immediately know all the details of this affordable rental accommodation.

Holidays on a farm

Would you like to spend your holiday on a farm? That is certainly possible with A farm holiday is of course very special and original, and therefore definitely worth a holiday. A holiday farm in the Netherlands is of course suitable for every group: from a group outing and family outing to a weekend with friends and family holidays. But also schools and associations. Staying in a holiday farm in the Netherlands is the ideal solution if you want to get away from all the hustle and bustle. During your farm holiday you will find yourself in the middle of nature or meadows and enjoy farm life, together with the cows, goats and sheep.

A farm holiday is ideal for children. While the children are having fun and learning all about animals, the parents can relax. Enjoy the outdoors together. Do you have a special opportunity to celebrate? For example, an anniversary or another family celebration? Then rent a holiday farm, away from all the hustle and bustle, and celebrate with your group!

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