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If you all go away for a while, you naturally want the dog (your best friend) to come with you. And you can! At a holiday home there is plenty of freedom for the dog to run around in the garden. And that is a priceless experience for both you and the dog. Go for beautiful walks together through the forest or along the lake. Then you can take a refreshing dip together.

Going on holiday with your dog

It is not always easy to find a pet-friendly holiday home where you can take your dog. At we have several group accommodations where you can take the dog with you. A well-deserved holiday, for you and for the dog. Enjoy long walks or bike rides through nature together, throw sticks or balls in the woods, and when you return home, enjoy the active outing in a group accommodation in the Ardennes. Discover it all during your holiday with the dog.

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Holiday with your dog by the sea

A holiday home with your dog by the sea is a popular destination if you want to get away from it all with the whole family and dog(s). With its dog-friendly beaches, holiday homes and beach pavilions, the Dutch coast is ideal for a wonderful holiday or weekend away with the dog. Enjoy the beautiful beaches where you can take long walks with the dog along the tide line. Go to the beach as often as possible, because there the dog can let off steam. Roll through the sand and into the water with a ball. Or how about swimming in the sea together? After this active day, you can then retreat to your holiday home.

Holiday at a holiday park with your dog

At many holiday parks it is also allowed to take the dog with you on holiday. has more than enough accommodations at holiday parks where dogs are allowed. During your holiday at a holiday park with your dog , you can make use of all amenities and facilities. Think, for example, of a swimming pool and paddling pool, playgrounds, entertainment, sports and games activities, catering and rental of bicycles, boats or canoes. So there are plenty of opportunities for entertainment during a stay in a group accommodation at a holiday park or campsite where the dog is also allowed.

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