Sint Maartensdijk (in the Zeeuws Smerdiek) is a town in the municipality of Tholen (consisting of the former islands of Tholen and Sint Philipsland) with about 3600 inhabitants. Until 1971 St. Maartensdijk was an independent municipality. St. Maartensdijk is known by the band with the Orans. The Dutch king is also Lord of St. Maartensdijk. In the monumental town hall, built in 1628 with the support of Prince Frederik Hendrik, some 17th century portraits of Oranjes are still hanging. In this building, expanded in 1979 and beyond, the seat of the municipality of Tholen was located. On January 2, the new town hall was opened in the city of Tholen. Before there was Saint Maartensdijk, the place was known as Haestinge, located on the river Haastee. St. Maartensdijk received city rights in 1491 but had no seat in the States of Zeeland, which was why it was called a narrow city. Saint-Maartensdijk is a protected cityscape, one of the seventeen protected city and village views in Zeeland. In total there are 28 national monuments in Sint-Maartensdijk, including the 1847 Hoops mills and the 1868 Nijverheid, the 15th century St. Maarten church and its 14th century tower and many houses. There is also a weekly market on Friday at the Market


Group accommodation Sint-Maartensdijk

Zeeland, Sint-maartensdijk
  • Monument from 1952
  • Modern and homely
  • Private room with sanitary facilities
  • Professional kitchen
  • Oosterschelde within walking/cycling distance