Vakantiehuizen in Brouwershaven (Zeeland)

Vakantiehuizen in Brouwershaven - Zeeland

Brouwershaven is a Dutch city on the former island of Schouwen and belongs to the municipality of Schouwen-Duivenland. The city has about 1500 inhabitants. The area within the old defenses has been a protected cityscape since 1973 and is one of the protected city and village views in Zeeland. Brouwershaven was founded around 1285 as a new port for Brijdorpe, from which village the port was sanded. The history of Brouwershaven is connected to the water by, among other things, fish and shellfish. From 1590 Brouwershaven was provided with grounded city walls and gates, surrounded by a wet canal. At the storm of 1682, part of the fortifications were destroyed. The fortress was lifted in 1820, after which it was dismantled. The ramparts and canals on the east and north of the city have been preserved. The silhouette of Brouwershaven is determined by the Saint Nicolas church, whose construction began in about 1325. In several phases, the church was expanded into a thirsty hall church that became its final form in the mid-sixteenth century. The town hall consists of two parts and has two front doors. The oldest part, at the bottom of the dike, was expanded in 1599 with a part at the harbor side. On the city walls are two windmills, De Haan mill mill, 1724 and the small but functional Windlust mill from 1935. Today, Brouwershaven is the center for water sports and recreation and in the immediate vicinity Den Osse. There can not only be hiked and cycled, but a cruise ship also belongs to the options. In the summer months there is an opportunity to sail on a historic sailing ship from the loose run. There is also a tourist market on Monday. The port of Brouwershaven continues through to the town, which gives a cozy business. Jacob Cats statue overlooks the market, with various terraces.

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