Accommodations in Groenekan

Groenekan is a village in the municipality of De Bilt with about 2000 inhabitants. On a map from 1607 the inn "De Groene Kan" is listed, located on the road Utrecht - Soest.
Groenekan has retained its rural and agricultural character, despite the strong growth of the number of commuters. In the village is the restored corn mill Geesina, one of thirty registrations in the national monument register in Groenekan.

In addition to the Geesina there are still many monuments in Groenekan. But of the remaining 29 national monuments there are thirteen at Fort Ruigenhoek and nine at Fort Voordorp. Furthermore, the courtyard and garden of Kasteel Voordan are registered and some houses and a transformer building.

In Groenekan there are several eateries and a land store can also be found. This country store offers a range of local products such as dairy, farm cheese, vegetables, fruit and various types of meat. All products are handmade here and prepared in a fair way, and the products do not contain any unnecessarily added color, flavor and flavor. A terrace is also open from April to the end of September. The surrounding area of ​​landscaping De Groenekan offers plenty of opportunity for cycling or hiking.

Some details in the village are the Winter-Partdays, which take place annually. Evening concerts are given for the historic Korenmolen Geesina. In addition, there is also a garden market and a greenhouse in Groenekan every year.

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