Belt-Schutsloot is a village in the municipality of Steenwijkerland and has about 600 inhabitants. The village lies in the Wieden nature reserve between the Arembergergracht, Schutsloterwijde and Kleine Belterwijde. It originally originated from the village of Belt (Zandbelt) and the village of Schutsloot, which lay at the Schutsloterwijde.

Tourism, and water sports in particular, is therefore an important source of income. There is a canal across the village and there are marinas for the many fun lovers here. The village is therefore famous for the annual village festival, every second Friday of August: the gondola in the summer. This is a fairytale spectacle on the water in a fairytale-like environment, where more than 10,000 visitors come to the end every year. The high altitude gondolas, which are about 12 to 14 meters long, are divided into three categories: allegorical gondolas, flower buddies and youth gondolas. The gondolas depict a subject and are provided with attractive lighting and technical highlights. Subsequently, a big fireworks is lit on the Kleine Belterwijde, which puts the gondolas in the spotlight and can be enjoyed by the many enchanted gardens in the village. A fairground and party tent are also present at this annual event.

Furthermore, there are some restaurants in the village and can be booked in the Wieden. For those who like to go on their own, whistle boats, canoes and boats can be rented.


Holidayhome Belt-schutsloot

Province of Overijssel, Belt-schutsloot
  • Many water sports opportunities
  • Play field
  • Right at the water