Spijkerboor is a residence in the municipality of Wormerland, in the Dutch province of Noord-Holland with about 200 inhabitants. It is on the pontjesroute and on the Noordhollands Canal. Nearby, just across the Westdijk in Beemster, is the fortified fort at Spijkerboor and the VOR aviation bake "Spijkerboor" identifier: SPY.

There is one national monument in Spijkerboor. This concerns a Lord's House (a polder house of the Starnmeer and Kamerhop, built by the dike, rectangular house with shield roof). This house is from 1787. Today, this house is used as a restaurant in the high season. In the vicinity of this house is the Jisperveld, a nature reserve. The bicycle pontje de Jan Hop offers a good connection with the area De Rijp, the world heritage De Beemster and the famous Fort Nijmegen.

For many centuries, the Jispersluis was the main link between Jisp village and important trading centers in the Noorderkwartier such as De Rijp and Graft. The lock is now in Kanaaldijk along the Beemsterringvaart. Via the Jispersluissloot you can reach the Noordergangsloot. From there, several locks run to the village of Jisp and to 't Zwet and De Poel with the Poelsluis. The Jispersluis is located in the canal district between Neck and Spijkerboor. The Jispersluis connects the polder Wormer, Jisp and Neck with the North Holland Canal. The shutter length of the lock is 14 m; The width 3.80 m, the village depth 0.85 m and belongs to the pickup bridge.


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North Holland, Spijkerboor
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  • World heritage site polder de Beemster