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Oudesluis is a village in the municipality of Schagen, in the province of Noord-Holland with about 800 inhabitants.

Oudesluis was released shortly after the Zijpe inpolation. It lay on the wadden-like foothills of the Zuiderzee. In 1742 it was a period the biggest core of Zijpe; It knew about 68 homes. The occupants were then mainly laborers, craftsmen, fishermen and vletterlui. And of course there was a locker of the lock. The village name is probably derived from the fact that the lock was one of the first locks built in the area. Oudesluis was a site for VOC ships, which chose the seagoing vessel via Marsdiep and was also home to a fishing fleet. When the Anna Paulownapolder was founded in 1845, Old Sluis was cut off from the sea.

There are two churches in the village. The first is a reformed church from 1861, it was originally from 1658 but had to be rebuilt several times. For example, the church was largely renewed in 1700, as the building became too small. Within the seventy years the tower had to be rebuilt. In 1851, after a heavy storm, the roof of the church collapsed. The church could not be used anymore. In 1861 the church was rebuilt, but it took until 1867 before the church was really finished. In 1900, after a lottery, the church received the church organ that is now visible. The other church is a baptismal church from 1906 and is now a home.

In the Zijpe and Hazepolder at Oudesluis there are three of the Zijper mills, respectively 1764, 1848 and 1896. They can be viewed closely, provided one has a boat because there are no roads. Near these mills there is a nature area with a duck cage.




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