Holthees is a village in the municipality of Boxmeer (North Brabant) with about 500 inhabitants and together with the Limburg village Smakt forms a community.

The name Holthees was first discovered in 1359. The village originated around a medieval chapel. The Mariakapel still visible in the village dates back to the 16th century. In earlier times, Holthees was an important military support for the defense of the Land of Cuijk.

The Mariakapel is a simple white-painted building with a roof raster, in which there is a bell. The church has often been restored and rebuilt and is now mainly used for weddings and music performances. The chapel is registered as one of the four national monuments of Holthees in addition to the castle grounds, the frontage and the castle gate of Makken Castle. There is also one municipal and one war monument in Holthees. The war memorial is a memorial to the victims of the bombing on September 30, 1944, in the form of an abstract steel artwork by Jan M. Driessen, 1999.

To the west of Holthees, the Derivative canal flows, and there again to the west of the Overloonsduinen, a nature reserve on a former pollen sandpiper. East of Holthees lies the Maasdal, where many horticulture can be found but also some small forests. In the southern direction you will find the province of Limburg and there is Smakt.


Holiday Farmhouse Holthees

North Brabant, Holthees
  • Great location
  • Separate dining room
  • Living room with wood burner

Holiday Farmhouse Holthees

North Brabant, Holthees
  • Bar with tap
  • Bedrooms with own bathrooms
  • Soapstone wood burner