Herpen is a village with about 3000 inhabitants, close to the Meuse. Until 1941, Herpen together with the village of Overlangel and the hamlet of Koolwijk formed the former town of Herpen. In 1941 this municipality was added to the former municipality of Ravenstein. In turn, the municipality of Ravenstein was added to the municipality of Oss on 1 January 2003.

In Herpen was the castle of the gentlemen of Herpen. These ruled over the so-called Land of Herpen, which also belonged to the villages of Uden, Volkel and Boekel, almost the whole of Land of Ravenstein. Around 1360 this castle was demolished and a new castle was built closer to the Meuse. The town of Ravenstein, grown around this new castle, received 1380 city rights. After that one was no longer heard of land and glory of Herpen, but of land and glory of Ravenstein.

One of the sights in Herpen is the church of Saint Sebastian and Saint-Hubertus from the 15th century. The church is on an elevation in the landscape and contains a flat-rise tower from the 14th century. Further interesting sights include the Holy Trinity House, the Liberation Monument, Henricus Monastery and a replica of the former village pump.

To the west of Herpen lies the Herpse Forests, an area including sand sprays. In the past, these were a threat to Herpen, and oak trees were laid to stop the sand.


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North Brabant, Herpen
  • Forest area Maashorst within walking distance