Accommodations in Boxtel

Boxtel is the headquarters of the municipality of Boxtel, located on the Dommel in the middle of the triangle Tilburg, Eindhoven and Den Bosch. The first reports of Boxtel in history date back to the 11th century and today it has about 27000 inhabitants.

There are also a number of monasteries in Boxtel, some of which are registered as one of the 36 national monuments that Boxtel knows. An historical figure in Boxtel is the giant 'Jas de Keistamper'. Jas de Keistamper is a pop in the form of a giant that regularly appears on special occasions, such as at the carnival feast or on kingsdag. Annual events next to Carnival and King's Day are Boxtel, Autumn Festival and Living Heritage Day. There is also a weekly market.

There are four museums in Boxtel: the Oertijdmuseum, the Wasch and Strijkmuseum, the Historic Museum Piet Dorenbosch and the Museum 'The Canonye'. In addition, Boxtel lies in the valley of the Dommel and the Smalwater, formerly the Boxtelse Watermolen. Boxtel is part of the National Landscape of the Green Forest, and there are many natural areas in the surrounding area that belong to this landscape. To the west of Boxtel lies the Kampina nature reserve of over 1200 hectares, which in turn connect to other natural areas in the west. To the north of Boxtel is a consortium of estates on former wild land such as Sparrenrijk, Zegenwerp, Zegenrode and Wilhelminapark. To the east of Boxtel lies the nature reserve De Geelders and south is the estate Velder.

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