Accommodations in Baarschot

Baarschot is a nucleus in the municipality of Hilvarenbeek and although the town is not a church village, it is nevertheless a bigger and more affluent community than a neighborhood. By nature, the place is an agricultural community, but tourism and hospitality also later formed important means of living. For example, Baarschot had a horse tram from 1990 to 1995 that traveled by day-careers of campgrounds through the municipality.

The Reusel River flows right next to Baarschot, with several poppy forests around the shore. To the south of the village lies the neighborhood of Heieind in a heather mining area and Moleneind leads to the place at the Reusel, where formerly a water mill was called the Achterste Molen. The first mention of this mill was in the 15th century, but in the 19th century this mill has fallen into decline. The front mill was located in Diessen.

In Baarschot there are three registered government monuments, all with regard to farms. For example, a L-shaped farm was registered and two farms of the Kempi long-range type. In addition, there is a historic building from 1717: In the Brewery, where a brewery was formerly located. Of these, there is another arched cellar and a pulley left over. About the year 1850 the Witkruis was brewed, but in 1949 the brewery stopped its production. From 1982 it is a catering facility. The Mariagrot with the 19th-century Maria Chapel is also worth a visit. This cave was built with gratitude for the fact that in Baarschot no victims have fallen as a result of World War II and consists of stray bones from the nearby Estate of Utrecht. A major attraction is the Elshorst, where various farm activities can be done.

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