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Asten is the headquarters of the same-name North Brabant municipality of Asten. On January 1, 2014, the municipality of Asten, consisting of Asten, Heusden and Ommel, had 16,395 inhabitants, of which 13,079 in the town of Asten.

On the territory of the municipality of Asten lies a large part of the National Park De Groote Peel, a highveld area. The village of Asten is about 10 kilometers away from Helmond and 20 kilometers from Eindhoven.

In Asten is the Royal Clockwatchery Eijsbouts. In 1993, the former largest clock was poured into the world. This clock was a gift from British Queen Elizabeth II to New Zealand. Then Asten was called a bell tower. In 2006, the Royal Eijsbouts again poured the largest clock in the world, 36,000 kilograms heavy with a 1,500 kilogram valve. This clock was intended for a Japanese entrepreneur who wanted to decorate one of his holiday parks.

Next to Royal Eijsbouts is the National Carillon Museum in the Peeldorp. Asten likes to post as Klokkendorp. The more than life-sized bronze image of the 15th century bellman Jan de Smet van Asten is witnessing the whole year of this. To underline the status of "clock village", the Asten manifestation is displayed annually.

Asten attractions in Asten are the Castle Asten, located in Heusden (first mentioned in 1399), the Roman Catholic Church of St. Mary's Presentation (a neo-Gothic church from 1899) and the Standard Mill De Oostenwind.

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