Walem is the name of a street and a hamlet in the southern part of the Dutch province of Limburg, located on a hill plateau about 2.5 kilometers east of Valkenburg and 1 kilometer north of Schin op Geul. It is part of the municipality of Valkenburg on the Geul, although a number of undeveloped plots lie in the municipality of Voerendaal. There are about 150 people living. Walem does not have its own facilities, so residents are advised to climb, Schin op Geul and / or Valkenburg.

Two different sections can be identified that together form the core of Walem. The one part is spread along the same road that begins in Schin op Geul, in the valley of the Geul, and climbs about 60 meters to the plateau of Walem. At the top of the climb is the other part, which is also the Mariakapel.

Near Walem is located in Schaelsbergerbos slope forest on top of the Schaelsberg, a former hermitage. The so-called 'Safe on the Schaelsberg' is a mergel building dating back to 1688 and occupied until 1930.

In a piece of forest on the nearby Goudsberg are the remains of a Roman guard tower. The road to which these remains would have been part of the Boulogne-sur-Mer-Heerlen highway (now referred to as the Via Belgica).


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