Reuver is a middle Limburg village which is part of the municipality of Beesel with about 6500 inhabitants. Reuver is located between the Meuse and the border with Germany and is further accessed by the A73 and the N271.

Reuver is dedicated to Saint Lambertus. The parish church of the same name of Saint-Lambert church of Reuver was built in 1878-1880. The current tower is part of that church. In 1907 the church was expanded in the same style with what is now the high middle leg. In 1923, the church was expanded with a western sidebeam, resulting in the current symmetrical three-legged form. In the aftermath of the war, the tower of the tower was fired, and the church was damaged. In 1946-1947 the church was restored, the tower was provided with a short emergency point with a cross of wooden beams. Only in 1957 was a new spit on the tower about the same as the original.

In and around Reuver you will find a typical terraced landscape. This landscape attracts a lot of tourists every year. Every year in the first weekend of September there is the traditional Reuverse fairground, where the whole village ends. Reuver is known as a metal village. Bands like Epica, After Forever, MaYan, Trillium, Rage on Stage, Shtack and many others come from this village.

In total, the Reuver site includes ten national monuments, including Waterloo Castle, the Sacred Heart Picture, the Ronckenstein Mill and St. Lambert's Church.


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