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Noorbeek - in Limburgs Norbik - is a small village in the south-Limburg municipality of Eijsden-Margraten and is one of the southernmost places of the Netherlands. The village of about 1150 inhabitants, with a protected village view, is in a "hidden" way in the valley of the Noor (brook), which originates in the nearby Wesch neighborhood. Together with the Wesch, the old core of Noorbeek forms a protected villagescape. In the neighborhood of Wesch is the Sint Brigidabron where the river originates from Norway and is located right next to a laundry room; This is still visible.

The patron saint of Noorbeek is Saint Brigida. The typical Limburgish-looking parish church was created in the present form around the year 1500. The first references to the church originated from the 13th century.

Noorbeek is on the border with Belgium and near the Voerstreek. On the eastern side of Noorbeek lies the many visited village of Slenaken. Through the attractive surroundings, Noorbeek is a tourist attraction, hiking area and cycling area. To the southwest of Noorbeek lies the Schoppemerheide just across the border with Belgium. On the western side of Noorbeek is the protected nature reserve the Noorbeemden where the stream of Norway leads its way towards the Belgian River de Voer.

Both variants of the Mergelland route do Noorbeek. Due to its location in the valley, the village's access roads run steeply (10% on average), which makes it a challenge for cyclists. In 2006 Noorbeek was the stage for the Dutch championship Mountainbike. Also in 2007, 2009 and 2011 this event took place in Noorbeek. In 2008, the most recent match of the Beneluxcup Mountainbike was held.

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