Maurik is a village in the municipality of Buren with more than 4100 inhabitants. It is located in the Betuwe between Tiel and Wijk bij Duurstede. Until 1999, the town with the villages Eck and Wiel, Ravenswaaij and Rijswijk formed the municipality of Maurik that was built in the municipality of Buren that year. The former town hall was commissioned in September 2006 as a restaurant.

Due to the construction of the dredging in the Lower Rhine near Amerongen, the river that originally passed the village moved a few hundred meters to the north. At the head of Maurik there was a dead river arm. The area between them is called Maurik Island. It is mainly a recreation area for water sports and nature reserves. The remains of the activity of the past have been found here in the form of three expired stone factories.

An important issue in Maurik's recent history is the Betuwe evacuation in January and February 1995. Due to the extremely high water levels in the rivers and the threading thirteenth threats, the entire village was obliged to evacuate. The Betuwe eventually remained dry, but only after a few weeks the residents could return to their homes.

There is a Dutch Reformed Church in Maurik, St. Maarten Church, which contains 15th century wall paintings and a 1 piano Peter van Oeckelen organ of 1867. There is also the Roman Catholic Church of Our Lady of Heaven. The Catholic community is much smaller than the reformed.

The recreation park for watersports Island of Maurik and the Amerongen Waterfalls and Wreckage Complex are located outside the village on the river. The leisure park offers opportunities for boating, sailing, surfing and other forms of water sports.


Group accommodation Maurik

Gelderland, Maurik
  • Centrally located at the park
  • Lake view
  • Covered terrace with Boretti outdoor kitchen

Holidayhome Maurik

Gelderland, Maurik
  • View of the marina
  • Games room
  • Spacious outdoor terrace

Villa Maurik

Gelderland, Maurik
  • Spacious
  • View of the marina
  • Two outdoor terraces