Accommodations in Hattem

Hattem is a city and the same municipality in the northern edge of the Veluwe with about 12000 inhabitants. Within the municipal boundaries lies the hamlet 't Zand.

In 1176 Hattem became an independent cherry. The chapel of 17.5 meters long and 9.5 meters wide, however, was not in the place of the present center of Hattem, but on the Gaedsbergh (Godsberg). Hattem received its city rights in 1299. As the tufstein tower dates back to the 12th century, it is believed that in addition to the parish church on the Gadsbergh, there was already a chapel tower in the present location of the center of Hattem. Thus, the granting of city rights in 1299 also moves the ecclesiastical center. The new church is dedicated to the Apostle Andreas and is thus the patron saint of Hattem.

Some interesting sights in Hattem include the Anton Pieck Museum, the Bakery Museum, the D'Olde Skoele Concert Hall, the remains of the Dikke Tinne, the Mill The Fortune, the Great or Andreas church and a large part of the old city wall, city grave and City gardens. Part of Hattem is a protected cityscape. In total, the place Hattem 94 has national monuments, 91 municipal monuments and seven war monuments.

There are several catering establishments in Hattem for a variety of food and drinks. There are also many shops and there is plenty of opportunity for recreation with Marina IJsseldelta Marina, a swimming pool and an outdoor adventure company.

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