Boven-Leeuwen is one of the core of the municipality of West Maas and Waal in the Dutch province of Gelderland. On December 31, 2015, the village had 2210 inhabitants on an area of ​​651 hectares.

Boven Leeuwen lies between the larger Beneden-Leeuwen and the municipality of Druten. Until January 1, 1818, Upper and Beneden Leeuwen formed the municipality of Leeuwen, which took place in the municipality of Wamel on that date. In 1984, the municipality of Wamel started in the municipality of West Maas and Waal, which also includes the places Alphen, Altforst, Appeltern, Dreumel, Maasbommel and Wamel.

The village has two churches. The Reformed Church is a small eight-sided Central Classic-style building from 1753-1756. The Catholic St. Willibrord church is a great neo-Gothic building from 1916-1918 to a design of Wolter in Riele. In the corner of Waalbanddijk-Noordzuid one finds the rest of what was once the House in Leeuwen, a noble castle.

As in Lower Leeuws, a dike break has also taken place in Upper Leeuws, near the reformed church. The remaining inland waterway is called De Wiel, the common name for crossbreeds in the river area.


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Gelderland, Boven-Leeuwen
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