Arnhem is a city and municipality in the Netherlands. It is the capital of the province of Gelderland. The municipality of Arnhem has 156,050 inhabitants as of 30 April 2017 (source: CBS). Arnhem is the third municipality and the second city of Gelderland. The municipality of Arnhem includes the towns of Schaarsbergen and Elden, the towns of De Praets and the Vlot, and parts of the neighborhoods of Terlet and Deelen, next to the same city.

Arnhem was part of the former city region of Arnhem Nijmegen (plus region), a conurbation with more than 736,700 inhabitants, and is also affiliated with the Euregio Rijn-Waal partnership.

Arnhem is located on the river Lower Rhine, the IJssel and Saint Jansbeek. The city is located on both sides of the Rhine. Especially the southern part of the city has developed largely after the Second World War.

The city is known internationally for the Battle of Arnhem. In the Second World War, Arnhem played an important role in the airlanding and battle of Allied troops in September 1944, as part of Operation Market Garden. Sights include the Arnhem Museum, the Dutch Open Air Museum, the Bronbeek Museum, the Park Sonsbeek, the zoo Royal Burgers Zoo, the National Park De Hoge Veluwe and the John Frost Bridge. The city also houses Sport Center Papendal, which is home to the NOC * NSF. Arnhem is the seat of the court of Gelderland, the court of Arnhem-Leeuwarden and the national military chamber. The airmobile brigade is also located in the provincial capital.

Arnhem has several large parks, partly due to the location on the southern edge of the Veluwe. The parks were largely owned by wealthy families until the end of the 19th century. They sold the estates when they became unprofitable, often to the municipality. The Zijpendaal estate adjacent to the Sonsbeek park was only bought in 1924 and was assisted by ENKA founder Dr. J.C. Hartogs purchased. Arnhem now has 15 parks.

In Arnhem different streams flow. Although the city has grown rapidly over the centuries, these streams have been preserved. In addition to St. Jansbeek, there are the Klarenbeek and the Molenbeek or Boekhorstbeek, the Klingelbeek or Slijpbeek and the Lichtenbeek. In addition to these natural waters, Arnhem also has a network of locks, mainly located in the district of Presikhaaf in Arnhem North and in Arnhem-South.

Arnhem knows a number of (recreational) peeings; The Rijkerswoerdse Plassen, a lake in the Arnhem part of the Rosandepolder, the Immerlooplas in the Malburgen district, a lake east of Schuytgraaf and several peaks in the Meinerswijk flood park.


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