Wijnjewoude (in the Friesian Wynjewâld) is a village in the municipality of Opsterland in the province of Friesland (Netherlands). The village between Oosterwolde and Drachten has about 2050 inhabitants. It is one of the older farmer settlements in Opsterland and is located on the higher sand ridge. The surrounding area is parky and therefore recreationally attractive. This is just east of Wijnjewoude de Duurswouder Heide.

The villages Wijnjeterp and Duurswoude were combined in 1974 into one village with the portmona duck Wijnjewoude. In the cemetery is also one of the bell-chairs in Friesland.

In total, Wijnjewoude has six entries in the national register. These are two entries for the Church of Duurswoude (a preacher's house from 1759 and the organ of circa 1723 and the bell-chair), one enrollment for the Wijnjeterp Church of 1778 and one for the corresponding former parsonage from 1878 (elsewhere) and until Finally two more entries for a house and a farm.

It is a nice walk on the heath and in the woods surrounding Wijnjewoude. Several routes can be followed, a good starting point is the church of Duurswoude. Bicycles on the many cycling trails that run along Wijnjewoude are definitely possible. Start at Restaurant de Stripe and enjoy a delicious cup of coffee with apple pie in the end. In addition to cycling and hiking there are also various activities in Wijnjewoude. It is known as the 'rinkje steekken' and the annual 'Hynstedei' organized. Also the well-visited braderies organized by the VVV may be there.


Group accommodation Wijnjewoude

Friesland, Wijnjewoude
  • Music activities
  • Walking from the front door (forests and moors)
  • Rooms with special furnishings (authentic