Eastermar is the official (Friese) name for the village of Oostermeer in the municipality of Tietjerksteradeel with a small number of 2000 inhabitants.

The old church of Oostermeer was built in the middle ages in the Hoogzand. The new church, which replaced the old church demolished in the 19th century, is located in the Hoogzand van Oostermeer. The Reformed Church was built in the present East Marsh. The tower of the Old Church and the Dutch Reformed Church are two of the 19 national monuments in Oostermeer. Other national monuments include houses, farms, a store and a parsonage.

The surrounding area of ​​Oostermeer is characterized by a coulisseland with woodwalls dividing the meadow (dykswâllen), as in the nature reserve of the Noardlike Fryske Wâlden. There are several hiking and cycling routes through this nature reserve and the two lakes around Oostermeer. The Burgumer Mar is situated north of Oostermeer and has reedlands and marshlands. The Leien is located south of Oostermeer and originated by peat excavation about 200 years ago (just like the Alde Faenen). This shallow lake does not allow kayaks, but for flat bottom and other deep-watering boats De Leien offers a broader range of flora and fauna than the Burgumer Mar.

Oostermeer has an extensive range of restaurants and shops. Oostermeer also has a modern passenger port with facilities for shore and wheelchair-friendly sanitation. Since 2010 there is also a water playground for children in Oostermeer and there is an annual Christmas market.

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