Accommodations in Boornzwaag

Boornzwaag is a village in the municipality of Frisian Lakes east of Langweer, with only 190 inhabitants in 2004. The village is on the south bank of the Langweerderwielen and on the left bank of the Scharsterrhein. In the summer, hikers and cyclists can cross the latter with a ferry crossing. But the Marina De Woudfennen offers opportunities for recreation, also in the nature reserve De Woudfennen. Boats can be rented for shorter or longer trips at the port. There is also a restaurant.

Due to the location on the Langweerder wheels, a part of the village has disappeared in the waves over the centuries. The church was demolished in 1693 and later the cloakroom was broken down. At Boornzwaag the Sweachmermolen is also known as Langweerder molen. This windmill is an eight-legged pillar of 1782 and the position of the mill was polder and grain mill. By the construction of an electric mill in 1925 the mill lost its function. After years of decay, the 'Foundation for Conservation of the Langweerder Mill' was established in 1949. Since 1998, the mill can again drain water from the polder. The device as a grain mill is partly present.

Furthermore, there is a golf course in Boornzwaag and is known as a fishing village. But birds also have a lot of fun in the surroundings. Both the water and the meadow, there is plenty of opportunity for nature recreation.

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