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Schoonoord is a village in the province Drenthe (Netherlands), that belongs to the municipality Coevorden (until 1998 the municipality Sleen) and counts around 2100 inhabitants.

The place was founded in 1854 after the construction of the Oranje channel. The name, conceived by the peat worker Klijn, is based on the word "schoon" which means beautiful. The nearby Schoonloo most likely also influenced his decision.

The village was built upon a sand head that arose from the surrounding land. The first inhabitants were channel diggers from Smilde. Later, when the neighboring Odoornerveen was developed, peat workers moved to Schoonoord as well which made it grow into a big village, picturesquely cut in half by the Oranje channel.

To celebrate the 100 year anniversary of this village, a number of turf huts and peat huts were reconstructed on an open piece of moorland. This has now become an extensive open air museum, the Ellert and Brammert museum. South of Schoonoord a famous hunebed is located: The Papeloze church. This hunebed is one of the four national monuments in Schoonoord. The other three national monuments are the Koren wind mill of Schoonoord (the remains of a setting mill), and two reformed churches.

A famous story from the surroundigns of Schoonoord is that of Ellert and Brammert, two enormous, brute giants. This story takes place on what is now called the Ellerts field.

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