Accommodations in Noordsleen

Noord-Sleen is a village in the municipality of Coevorden with no more than 500 inhabitants. Noord-Sleen is situated north of the village of Sleen, formerly known as Zuid-Sleen. However, 'Zuid-Sleen' has developed into the main village of the former municipality of Sleen, which began on January 1, 1998 in the municipality of Coevorden. It is possible to deduce from soil findings that in Noord-Sleen already been inhabited far before the year, witnessing the hunebeds (D50 and D51) on the Hunebedweg.

Noord-Sleen is an elaborate esdorp with many Saxon farms. Other sights include the Albertdina mill, a 1906 ground sailor.

The Noord-Sleen mark is characterized by aces. Here are two females to find. North of Noord-Sleen lies the vast 1600 hectare of the Boswachterij Sleenerzand (Staatsbosbeheer). The northernmost point was the seven-mile stone north of De Kiel. The forests are, as the name suggests, planted on a large heath and pollen area. There is nothing left of here on a few small heathlands. In the forest lies the pagan prayer of the Papeloze Church, referring to the pronouns held on the heath during the Reformation. On the south side of the forest is a monument to the killed crew members of a British plane who crashed there on 14 May 1943 in the then young forest. On the south-east side of the forest, near the village of Noord-Sleen, is the recreation pool the Kibbelkoele.

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