A booking made via this website or by phone is, after agreement by the CVG, final. That is to say that the booking directly into our booking system is logged and that an existing reservation also can no longer be modified or cancelled without costs.
The law stipulates that consumers have a trial period of 14 working days makes an exception for travel and is therefore not applicable. Cancellations can only in accordance with our cancellation policy and against the applicable cancellation fee.

Do I need a travel and/or cancellation insurance?
Taking out group cancellation insurance is a sensible thing to do. You can do this at our website. If you want to take out travel insurance, you can do this at a bank or directly at an insurance company.

Can I cancel the reservation?
Provided that you have indicated to book a certain accommodation, this verbal affirmation is the final reservation for the accommodation in question. If your are forced to cancel this reservation, you need to notify it to us in writing. The accosiated administrative cost amount to € 30,-.
For the other consequences of cancellation please refer to the terms and conditions applicable to the relevant accommodation.

What is a cancellation insurance?
Whenever you, as an individual, have to cancel your trip to the group accommodation or leave early (e.g.: due to illness), in most cases you still need to pay the agreed rent. Also, sometimes it happens that multiple people within a group are not able to go on the vacation. In these situations the cancellation insurance for groups and companies can bring more financial security. Provided that the reason for cancellation is covered by the insurance, the pre-paid amount will be reimbursed. It is possible to claim the cancellation insurance as an individual or as a group.
We offer you the oppertunity to take out a special group cancellation insurance of the 'Europeesche Verzekeringen'. The costs for this insurance are calculated as follows: 5,5% of the rent + € 3,50 policy costs + 21% assurance tax. Information about this will be sent to you at the same time as our confirmation.

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